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Specialty Scanners also has the expertise and experience in the following areas & can provide management consultancy services to its potential customers …

Site Survey for Magnetic Resonance (MR) Scanner : Before going ahead with the installation of a MR Scanner it is important to determine scientifically the suitability of the Proposed Site from a number of aspects. Specialty Scanners has the necessary resources, can carry out the survey and provide its customers with a comprehensive report.
Architectural Layout Specification for MR Scanner Suite : MR Scanners are complex since they are made up of many subsystems. Therefore, from its users point of view, design and construction of a well functioning MR Suite is very important. This can only be achieved with a well thought of layout. Specialty Scanners has the experience and can provide its customers with a most optimal layout.
Electro-Magnetic Interference Shielded Room Construction : In order to make sure safe and optimal operation of MR Scanners they have to be installed in specially constructed rooms which can shield any form of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). Specialty Scanners has the know-how required for the specification and construction of an EMI shielded room to international standards.
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